General information of Technology Innovation Center with incubator for the development of rural economy and entrepreneurship

Technology Innovation Center with incubator for the development of rural economy and entrepreneurship is designed to promote new technologies, innovation and in general entrepreneurship in rural areas.

Activities are focused on the integration of science and economy and security infrastructure, and financial support for innovative and technology based projects.

The target group

The target group of this project, whom is primarily intended, are entrepreneurs whose skills and confidence should be enriched and strengthened through this project.

These groups include the rural poor entrepreneurs or future entrepreneurs (including farmers who are willing to add value to its primary production, family businesses looking for growth, rural tourism, future providers for the local rural economy, women entrepreneurs, and young entrepreneurs without start-up capital for their business ideas).

Target groups of the project are existing small and medium-sized enterprises and new small and medium-sized enterprises in the county.

General objective

Improve the competitiveness of the local rural economy by encouraging innovation and using of modern technology, and help to create new jobs in small and medium-sized enterprises, and to transform the company from the phase of stagnation to growth phase.

Specific objective

Creating of quality and the operational support infrastructure for the commercialization of innovation, and for increasing of probability for survival of start-up companies through the creating an entrepreneurial incubator and providing well-targeted business services for entrepreneurs support.

Business mission

Technology innovation center with incubator will become the most important place in the city for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Situated within Enterprise Zone of Pleternica, it will be a favorite place where neighbors, rural producers are meeting each other, collaborate and develop their entrepreneurial ideas. Here they learn, share knowledge and build new forms of collaboration and cooperation that may lead to new business opportunities for all, as well as the gradual prosperity for manufacturers or service providers.

Incubator generates new successful entrepreneurial ventures, but is also a place that promotes and spreads positive energy of entrepreneurship and proactive lifestyle.

Technology innovation center with incubator will accommodate Pleternica to the map of the world "business-friendly" areas, where is the pleasure and enjoyment to work and create.


SWOT analysis of Pleternica

SWOT Analysis of City Pleternica puts the Technology Innovation Center with incubator in a clear context and defines the position of its management.

On the basis of such analysis is made detailed The development plan of the City Pleternica, which indicates the necessary actions and activities to improve the city's economy and reduce the very high unemployment rate (greater than 23%).


  • good geostrategic position
  • Shrine of Our Lady of Tears
  • enterprise zone
  • preserved area and clean environment
  • hospitality
  • entrepreneurial spirit
  • developed crafts


  • high unemployment
  • lack of secondary school
  • undeveloped farms
  • inactive population
  • brain drain
  • undeveloped tourism


  • potential of young people
  • using of EU funds
  • establishment of order in the market of agricultural products
  • preserved nature
  • close to highway
  • irrigation


  • young people are leaving
  • low purchasing power of local people
  • extinction of villages
  • insufficient knowledge about EU funds
  • ignorance of foreign languages
  • uncoordinated education and labor market
  • overgrown agricultural lands

Priority activities of center

1Incubation space for new companies and start-up entrepreneurs

2Services and help with business development, marketing and distribution

3Offering education and research services, assistance in applying of innovations

4Support for rural production and application of technological innovations