Center's task is, through it's activities, to atract new investments on Pleternica's area and the whole county, but also to stimulate and promote economic development of small and medium entrepreneurs localy. Center is a connection between the entrepreneurs and information about everything at the market, so it facilitates and improves businesses of entrepreneurs and craftsmen.

Services offered by the Center to existing and potential entrepreneurs concern:

  • helping entrepreneurs with starting a company or a craft
  • services of bookkeeping to new entrepreneurs
  • informing about possibilities of incentives, donations, benefits and similar, for entrepreneurs and craftsmen
  • making business plans
  • making entrepreneurial projects and studies for loans and business planning
  • cooperation with chambers of commerce and craft
  • banking and tax consulting
  • public relations with local media
  • organization of seminars, forums and workshops for entrepreneurship and businessmen
  • free advising and consultative services
  • market research and marketing
  • internet services and entrepreneurs networking
  • organization of entrepreneurship fairs and fair participation
  • coordination of entrepreneurail activity localy


  • attracting new investment
  • local, regional and international entrepreneurail cooperation
  • SME development
  • adjustment of SMEs to market oriented business
  • bigger entrepreneurial financial vitality
  • improved education and informing of entrepreneurs
  • growth of SME's production and export